The humiliating breakdown in a crowded airport terminal that led me to

Discover The 12-Second “Neural Pain Switch”

that can finally erase the nonstop, throbbing joint pain stealing your independence, freedom, and confidence – FOR GOOD!

Mature woman with arms crossed smiling

All natural WITHOUT fistfuls of addictive prescription pills and painkillers, constant injections, or risky surgeries!

Mature woman with arms crossed smiling

“Somebody get a doctor! Hurry!”

Man screaming over busy people background

My husband was yelling next to me at airport security…

But I could barely hear him.

Man screaming over busy people background

The pain was the only thing I could focus on…

It was worse than ever this time…

It took over my entire experience…

Like I was drowning in an ocean of agony…

Stabbing, searing pain shot like lightning up and down my body…

My body writhed and winced almost uncontrollably…

My entire world was just a mix of intense discomfort and humiliation as everyone had their eyes glued on me…

And as one of the airport workers lifted me into a wheelchair, only one thought was going through my mind… over and over…

“Am I Ever Going To Feel Okay Again?”

I was supposed to be flying to California for my daughter’s college graduation.

But there was no way I could make it in this much pain.

Concerned woman

What would I tell her?

What would she think of me?

“I can’t believe she missed because of a little joint pain!”

“I wish she’d just toughen up…”

Concerned woman

She would definitely be angry with me…

And I couldn’t blame her.

But she just didn’t understand… couldn’t understand.

I wasn’t sure if it was the intense pain, the frustration at myself, or the embarrassment in front of a crowd of people that made me cry…

But once the tears started flowing, they just wouldn’t stop.

Middle age woman smiling

And thank goodness for that painful, humiliating moment…

Middle age woman smiling

Because without it, I would have never discovered the real cause of my suffering… and would have never regained the mobility, freedom and confidence to live my life fully.

And miraculously, I was able to do it without any dangerous prescription drugs, expensive injections, or risky surgeries.

Now every morning, in just 12 seconds before breakfast, I’m able to make sure pain never rules my life ever again.

Happy couple running on the beach

Hi. My name is Lisa Calhoun.

Today, I just came back from 4 days on the beach with my husband Ken to celebrate our anniversary.

Happy couple running on the beach

Dancing there under the moon with him… those days of constant joint pain seemed like they were a lifetime ago.

But the truth is: just 6 months ago, I couldn’t imagine enjoying anything like that again.

In fact, I wasn’t sure I would enjoy anything again…

Sitting in that wheelchair at the airport… feeling like there was no way out of that intense suffering…

I thought I would feel that way forever.

Before that day — every day for over a year — my throbbing aches were worse than the day before…

Woman with back pain behind prison bars

Everyday things like walking up the stairs…

Tying my shoes…

Even sleeping had become nearly impossible for me.

My friends had basically given up on me.

“Ugh. She’s done it again.”

“Why can’t she just get out of bed. It can’t be that bad…”

They just didn’t get it.

I felt like a prisoner in my own body.

Woman with back pain behind prison bars

Totally unable to fight against the pain that was devastating me…

Which ‘colored’ every moment of my experience…

And robbed me of my life, one day at a time.

The pain was constant…

Taking over every thought I had… every minute, of every day.

Concerned mature woman

Even worse, I had no idea why.

I hadn’t ‘tweaked’ anything…

Hadn’t injured myself, or done anything overly strenuous.

But suddenly, out of nowhere, pain had begun to consume every waking minute of my life.

My daily routine vanished almost overnight.

My vegetable garden had become overrun with weeds and long-dead plants.

My daily walks with Bandit, our golden retriever, had become nearly impossible.

I simply didn’t know what to do.

I tried everything I could think of to feel relief…

I tried…







Physical therapy

Physical therapy…

Over the counter medications

Over-the-counter medications

But everything I tried either did nothing… or made the pain worse.

I was frustrated… and tired of feeling hopelessly broken.

But even worse than the pain was the creeping fear this was the end of my independence.

That I would have to rely on my husband and my adult son for everything.

I was only 52 years old!

Much too young to already be handled like an old, decrepit woman.

I was desperate…

Female zombie

I felt like my life was already over.

All my doctors and physical therapists had no answers…

I was taking fist-fulls of pills every day to numb the pain.

But their effect would quickly fade…

And I’d be back at the doctor’s office – begging for more.

I felt like a junkie … trying to get my ‘fix’.

It was awful…

And worse – the pills made me feel like a zombie.

Female zombie

Like I was going through every day in a haze…

I’d never felt so hopeless in my entire life.

If only I had known then the answer to my prayers was so simple… yet also flew in the face of everything I knew about healing from pain.

That day at the airport… I was about to discover the truth.

But you wouldn’t have known it just looking at me.

Mascara smeared all over my face and hands where I’d wiped away the tears…

Shaking in pain and embarrassment…

Older woman being comforted by male nurse

I could have never guessed this would be one of the most important – and positive – moments in my entire life.

That I would soon finally be able to get rid of all my throbbing aches and discomfort…

Would have energy I hadn’t had since I was a teenager…

And would finally step out of the ‘fog’ of pain and sleepless nights I’d been wallowing in for months…

Older woman being comforted by male nurse

As I sat there in the wheelchair, a man came and stood beside me.

He reached out his hand and offered me a couple of tissues.

I blubbered out a “thank you” and began to wipe my face.

“It’s pretty bad, isn’t it?” he said.

I nodded.

He said his name was Michael.

And he told me he understood exactly what I was going through.

Then the man told me something I never expected… Something that would finally allow me to enjoy my life again for the first time in months…

He asked me about the sleepless nights of torment…

The constant fear that one wrong move would set off a fresh, intense wave of stabbing agony…

Older woman with back pain
Older woman with back pain

How my joy for life had been stolen from me… and how I feared it may never return.

It was like he was describing my own life to me.

Michael said a few years ago, his mother had suffered just like me for more than 18 months…

And he’d watched as she suffered day after day, and lost everything that she was…

Her garden was in ruins… the lush and beautiful plants all wilted and dead.

Her knitting needles laid unused on the coffee table… a bitter reminder of how weak and frail she had become.

She hadn’t seen her friends in months…

She felt totally cut-off and isolated from everyone…

At least everyone not taking care of her.

Her vibrant spirit and love for life had all but vanished…

Michael told me how he watched his mother become addicted to pain pills… how they made her a slave to their numbing effects.

He told me he understood why…

She’d tried over-the-counter medicine, but they had begun to pound and destroy her kidneys and liver…

And her doctor warned that their continued use could cause serious problems.

Worried woman over RX pills Worried woman over RX pills

Maybe something stronger would work…

She would have done anything to feel ‘normal’ again.

Nothing was effective though.

Prescription pills just left her irritable and in a constant fog…

And they didn’t do much for the pain after a while.

So the doctor gave her more drugs.

She was taking a different pill every 90 minutes.

She started developing rashes…

Her appetite was gone.

Woman sick in bed

The side effects were becoming almost as bad as the pain itself.

Woman sick in bed

It’s no wonder these kinds of drugs kill tens of thousands every year.

It got so bad, even her doctor began to try to wean her off of the pills.

So the pain got stronger and her spirit got weaker.

It was so overwhelming it took over her entire life.

Eventually she didn’t even get out of bed anymore.

She was 51 years old… just a little younger than I was now.

But she felt like her life was over.

Michael said he didn’t know what to do.

But he also couldn’t just sit and watch her suffer like that.

So he started researching doctors who specialized in pain management.

He sent out letters and made phone calls to every doctor and medical researcher who seemed like they could help.

He described her pain, and told them what her doctors had said.

Worried man over RX scripts Worried man over RX scripts

But the replies were always the same.

Pain pills, regular injections, and risky surgeries were the only options his mother seemed to have…

So he pressed on. He sent even more letters, made more phone calls…

Nearly every moment of his free time was spent looking for an answer.

But after months of searching… he was no closer to a solution.

And his mother was worse-off than ever.

Michael told me about the hopelessness she felt…

How she even confided in him that she might take her own life.

And Michael was terrified she might actually do it.

But just when he thought every option had been exhausted… he received a mysterious phone call.

One night after a particularly rough day with his mom, he saw he had a voice-mail message.

The voice on the other end said his name was Dr. Sisskind, and that a friend of his had mentioned Michael’s letter to him in passing.

Dr. Sisskind explained that relieving this kind of pain had been his life’s mission, and he believed he could help.

He said he had worked with hundreds of patients of all ages…

All who had suffered in the way Michael’s mother had.

He told Michael to call his office in the morning to discuss.

So first thing the next morning, Michael got on the phone.

Dr. Sisskind listened to the full story from Michael… and then explained that he believed he had something that could help his mother.

He told Michael he was different from other doctors.

He didn’t accept that aches and pains were an inevitable part of aging.

And he didn’t believe in throwing a medicine cabinet full of pills at a problem.

Dr. Sisskind explained that our bodies are incredible machines capable of self-correction and healing.

And that nearly everything we need to live happy, fulfilled, and pain-free lives has already been provided in nature.

Happy mature woman taking a selfie with friends

He gave Michael his recommendation and asked him to follow-up in six weeks. Then they said their goodbyes.

Michael took the doctor’s advice right away to his mother.

By the time Michael called Dr. Sisskind six weeks later, Michael said that all of his mother’s intense pain had already begun fading away.

The stiffness, the low energy, the pain … all of it disappearing.

She had gone out with her friends for the first time in months…

Happy mature woman taking a selfie with friends

She had begun to work on her garden again…

And had even knit a scarf for her young granddaughter.

He said it was like a miracle! He simply couldn’t believe it.

Listening to Michael’s story, I could hardly contain my excitement.

I told Michael I had to know what Dr. Sisskind had recommended! What did he tell him?

Michael said he didn’t feel comfortable giving medical recommendations since he wasn’t a doctor himself.

But he said he would be happy to give me Dr. Sisskind’s number.

Woman talking to doctor Woman talking to doctor

He wrote it down on the back of a business card and handed it to me.

Then Michael looked at his watch and said he was about to board and needed to go.

I thanked him and said goodbye just as Ken was coming back from retrieving our bags.

I re-told the story to my husband on the entire ride home.

I was trying not to get my hopes up … but it was really difficult not to be swept up by my excitement…

I realized this was the first time I had felt any hope at all in months…

Ken told me to be cautious… he didn’t want me to get my hopes up too much.

Which I knew… but I couldn’t help it.

I lied awake almost the entire night…

But for once it wasn’t just pain… it was also the excitement I might finally have an answer.

In the morning, I called Dr. Sisskind’s office — my hands shaking as I dialed the numbers.

Mature woman talking on the phone Mature woman talking on the phone

I explained my story, and was told that I would have to wait a few minutes as the doctor was with a patient.

I laughed and said I would wait the rest of the day if I had to.

But just a few moments later, a warm, kind voice came through the other end.

It was Dr. Sisskind.

I told him about meeting Michael and told him my own story of constant, debilitating joint pain.

Dr. Sisskind listened and when I was through, he said he believed he knew exactly what was wrong.

I asked if he could give me the same recommendation he’d given Michael’s mother.

“Well … not exactly.”

My heart sank.

But only for a moment…

The doctor continued and explained that his methods had improved considerably since he had worked with Michael’s mother.

His research had led him to even more powerful ways of ridding his patients of continuous pain.

Dr. Sisskind had spent over 15 years studying volumes of clinical research…

All in search of natural solutions to pain and mobility issues…

Dr. Sisskind Dr. Sisskind

He said his aim is to bring about a natural harmony within the body.

He told me the body has all kinds of self-correcting measures developed over thousands of years…

All meant to keep us healthy and strong — well into our ‘golden years.’

But our modern way of living has out-paced our body’s ability to keep up with the changes…

Leading to imbalances that could have disastrous health consequences.

All of Dr. Sisskind’s research led him to a solution that could erase pain and restore my health and vitality completely.

All without resorting to prescription drugs, risky surgeries, or continuous injections.

And, much to my relief, the solution was surprisingly simple…

Dr. Sisskind explained his initial breakthrough came after years of studying every piece of clinical research he could find on the biological systems that create pain and inflammation…

His research took him down a rabbit hole of information that led him to a surprising discovery.

A discovery that would explain why the ‘traditional’ methods of pain relief had all failed…

Toxins puzzle

He said the first piece of the puzzle was in what he called ‘everyday toxins.’

How things we would never think about being harmful to us are in fact causing huge damage to our bodies.

That’s because these ‘everyday toxins’ are EVERYWHERE.

Toxins puzzle

They’re in the food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe … they are an inescapable part of our modern lives.

We are being bombarded with small particles of these toxins all day long…

The reason is because modern industrial and technological advances have grown much faster than our body’s ability to keep up.

The immune system evolved to protect us against viruses and biological threats…

NOT pesticides, food colorings, and heavy metals in our food and water supply.

So all of these toxins build up quickly in the body…

And the body’s immune response sees them just like biological threats…

Expanded view of muscle and cartilage

And responds by creating inflammation.

The inflammatory response causes muscle tissue to break down…

Expanded view of muscle and cartilage

And the cartilage in our joints begins to degrade and wear out much faster than normal.

That’s because specific cells, called neutrophils, act as the ‘first wave’ of immune response.

Their job is to literally eat invading pathogens like viruses and bacteria.

But they aren’t designed to eat heavy metals… or any or any of the other toxins that flood our bodies.

So instead, they begin to attack muscle tissue and cartilage causing further damage, pain, and inflammation.[1]

I thought I had it figured out…

So the answer is to keep toxins cleared out of the body! I’ve seen detox products everywhere, that should be easy enough…

But Dr. Sisskind laughed and said that was just the very beginning of what he found…

He continued…

Normally these neutrophils have built-in systems that shut them down when their work is done.

In normal function, the damage done by the inflammatory response is minimal.

But in certain people — people like myself and Michael’s mother — these systems fail.

The neutrophils never shut down…

Neutrophils Neutrophils

They just continue to attack and destroy healthy tissues and cartilage.

That’s why just clearing out the toxins isn’t enough.

They’ll quickly be built back up and nothing will have changed.

That’s also why pain pills like opioids and over-the-counter medications don’t work to solve the problem.

They can only mask it for a short time or temporarily lessen the inflammation.

And of course this is impossible to do long-term…

The body needs what pain pills and OTC meds take away…[2]

And eventually they do more harm than good.

All without coming anywhere close to the root cause.

So what makes these systems fail? Why do they keep working when they don’t need to?

“Great question! That has been the crowning discovery in my work.”

He went on to explain the pain we experience…

The pain from the attacking neutrophils…

Is all a result of another failure way up the chain.

In fact, the first system failure is in your brain.

Dr Sisskind called it a ‘Neural Panic Switch’.

He described a special type of cell…

A cell that only exists in the brain and central nervous system…

In fact, these cells make up between 10 and 15% of your brain’s total cells.

These cells, called microglia, are essentially the ‘guardians’ of the brain.

While some cells have multiple functions, these cells only exist to protect the brain’s functions.

They do this in the same way other immune responses work – by attacking invaders.

In the time of our ancestors… that was a perfect arrangement.

Brain lighting up concept

Back then, only certain viruses and bacteria could penetrate the brain (through the blood-brain barrier.)

So these ‘guardians’ could make quick work of the invaders and keep the brain safe.

Brain lighting up concept

But now…

In our modern times, there is a huge laundry list of chemicals and ‘everyday toxins’ that easily penetrate the brain’s defenses.

Everything from foods, drinks, paints, gasoline, household products and toothpaste contain small particles that slip into your brain.

So these microglia guardians spring into action.

And just like with the protective cells in the rest of our body…

These microglia can become overactive due to the constant stream of incoming invaders.

They’re slamming the neural panic switch.

And as a result, neurons are killed off and brain systems begin to fail.

Since the brain has no pain receptors, all of this goes largely unnoticed by us.

Instead, these attacks are felt as brain fog, low energy, and depression.

Three pictures of women in pain and worried

Thinking back, I realized I’d had all of those before the physical pain ever set in.

Dr. Sisskind continued, explaining that sometimes, depending on what parts of the brain are attacked, this constant inflammation can lead to brain diseases like Alzheimer’s.

But in other patients… people like me…

Three pictures of women in pain and worried

The systems that control the response of the neutrophils (the protective cells in your tissue and joints) go unchecked.

Once Dr. Sisskind realized this — it was a huge “aha!” moment for him.

Because the systems in the brain are under attack by the same toxins in the rest of our body…

And we don’t feel that pain…

The rest of the body’s immune response becomes ‘broken’ as well!

Dr. Sisskind had finally found the source of the constant pain for his patients.


That still didn’t give him an answer for how to solve it.

He knew there was no way to eliminate ALL the toxins in the food, drink, and everywhere else they might show up.

There were just too many — and too many ways the body could take them in.

No side effects natural label

So he went back to the research.

He knew he needed to find something that was not only natural and free of the side effects of Big Pharma’s drugs…

No side effects natural label

And he knew he didn’t want to just ‘cover up’ the symptoms…

He wanted to find a solution that would get to the root of the problem.

He also knew it had to work.

His patients were suffering… and just a little relief wasn’t going to be enough.

So he kept researching…

And the more he read… he kept coming back over and over again to a special type of compound.

These compounds occur naturally in plants to protect them from environmental dangers.

Flavonoid molecule

These compounds are called ‘Flavonoids’.

You’ve probably heard of them before.

There’s well over 6,000 that have been discovered.[3]

They were first discovered nearly a century ago…

Flavonoid molecule

But scientists have only recently begun to uncover their power.

Hundreds of studies have been done…

And all have shown beyond a shadow of a doubt how powerful flavonoids are for regulating complex cellular processes.

Nowhere is this more true than in your immune system.

Yet, as excited as he was to make this discovery…

His excitement was almost immediately destroyed when he realized…

You simply cannot get the flavonoids you need from diet alone.

Part of this is because of modern farming processes, which have depleted the soil.

In fact, studies have shown you need 10 times as many servings of plant-based food to get the same nutrients as just fifty years ago.[4]

But even if that wasn’t the case…

So many flavonoids require high, pure concentrations to be effective.

For example, if you wanted to get the full flavonoid benefit of green tea, you’d have to drink between 8 and 16 cups!

I don’t think I need to tell you that is not going to work for most people.

Some people take “greens” or “reds” powders … but those still fall well short of what your body needs.

Green tea leaves

If Dr. Sisskind wanted to see real, lasting improvement in his patients…

Improvement that could be proven by blood-work tests (not just a ‘placebo’)…

Green tea leaves

To get his patients up and active again…

To stop the intense, never-ending pain they experienced…

He would need to go deeper.

He would need to discover which flavonoids provide real relief…

He began his research by investigating curcumin.

There has been a lot of buzz in the medical community surrounding this ‘miracle’ compound.

It naturally occurs in turmeric, and has been the subject of literally thousands of studies.

Curcumin powder

And while many of these studies talk about all the benefits of curcumin…

Curcumin powder

Dr. Sisskind discovered quickly that the studies were meaningless.

The way the studies worked is they would either inject the compound straight into a test tube with cells (aka ‘in vitro’)…

Or by injecting curcumin directly into mice.

The studies done in any way that humans might actually take curcumin were much less impressive.

That’s why when Dr. Sisskind had patients take curcumin, it had limited effect.

That’s because curcumin by itself is unable to penetrate cells.

(Yes, that even includes the versions mixed with pepper or BioPerine.)

So no matter how much curcumin you might take…

Little to none at all will actually get where it needs to go.

However, it turns out the answer to this ‘bio-availability’ problem had been discovered by a team at UCLA.

What they did was ‘wrap’ the curcumin in a substance that could penetrate the cell walls — a lipid layer.

Three happy older people

In over 17 different double-blind studies, this version of curcumin had been shown to be 95 times as effective as just normal curcumin.[5][6]

Dr. Sisskind began to advise his patients to take this form of curcumin…

Three happy older people

And in just a few weeks they were reporting back with more mobility, less pain, more energy, and a higher quality of life.

With this early success, he was inspired to continue his research.

After months and months of searching…

Testing with his patients…

And even testing the flavonoid compounds on himself…

Dr. Sisskind finally selected what he now calls…

The “VitaCell 7”…

7 ‘miracle’ flavonoids that can erase chronic pain, restore your mobility and regain youthful energy and vitality, almost overnight…

I’ll reveal what they are in a moment.

But first I want to explain how they work.

Dr. Sisskind explained to me these 7 incredible compounds, when taken together, build upon each other…

This ‘synergy’ effect provides MUCH greater results than if they were each taken separately.

He also told me that years ago, when he’d helped Michael’s mother, he only knew how to instruct her to get and take this ‘VitaCell 7’ by themselves — which still worked…

Mature woman looking healthy

But now, after further research, Dr. Sisskind has figured out how to get these compounds extracted in the exact dosages he’d read about in his clinical studies.

Mature woman looking healthy

The process wasn’t cheap… but it worked like magic.

He told me about several patients who had experienced incredible results…

He told me about Nancy, whose back pain had plagued her for years… and within just a few days told him her pain had gone down ‘substantially.’

And Janine, a 60-year old nurse who is on her feet all day and suffered from excruciating total-body pain. She told Dr. Sisskind that her pain was nearly gone in just a week of using his 7 flavonoid compounds.

He also told me about James, who had almost no mobility in his right shoulder – and couldn’t move his arm at all without pain. Within a few days, James’ mobility improved… and within 6 weeks he had full range-of-motion without pain.

These stories were wonderful to hear.

Dr. Sisskind told me that in addition to reducing his patients’ pain, all of them had also reported more energy, focus, clarity of thought, and even weight loss.

That’s the ‘synergy’ effect at work.

After so many early successes, Dr. Sisskind began to tell even more patients about the flavonoid compounds he’d discovered.

Within 7 to 14 days, nearly everyone who tried his regimen was moving, thinking, and feeling much better…

Woman riding bike

Patients were calling him in tears, telling him how he’d given them their lives back.

Dr. Sisskind told me he was honestly overwhelmed with the response.

Many people told him they were back to doing things they hadn’t gotten to enjoy in years…

Picking up old pastimes like gardening and knitting…

Finally seeing friends and going out again…

And keeping up with their children or grandchildren… some for the first time ever.

Many others described how much better they felt… like they were alive again.

That’s when Dr. Sisskind knew his mission was bigger than just helping patients individually.

He realized that in order to have the most – and best – impact on the world, he would need to think bigger.

Dr. Sisskind decided he wanted to take all of his ‘VitaCell 7’ and combine them into a single formula.

I could hear him getting more excited.

He said that after months of researching suppliers and testing formula after formula for the exact standards he wanted… he had finally found the perfect blend.

He asked for my email address to send me something.

I heard a ‘ding!’ on my phone, so I looked to see what he had sent me.

It was a picture of a bottle on his desk.

He told me, “This is it! This is the formula I’ve been working to create. It’s finally ready to go out!”

Dr. Sisskind continued and told me it didn’t matter how old you are…

How much pain you’re currently in…

Or how long you’ve been suffering…

All it would take was a single capsule before breakfast every day…

And pain could begin dissolving away even on the very first day.

My heart was pounding at this point.

I asked him how I could find some to try it out.

Dr. Sisskind said he would send me a few bottles to try out myself.

I gave him my address and we said our goodbyes.

I couldn’t believe it… could this really be the answer I’ve been looking for?

Thankfully, Dr. Sisskind sent the bottles by express mail, and I got them the very next day.

I felt like a kid on Christmas.

My hands were shaking as I held one bottle in my hands and opened it up.

I pulled out a single capsule and gulped it down with a little water.

And I’ll tell you… I did not expect it to work so fast!

I couldn’t believe how quickly the ‘edge’ of my pain started to fade.

And right after that, I started sleeping all the way through the night for the first time in over a year.

Woman walking dog

But it wasn’t just my pain that improved…

I could almost feel my mind getting sharper…

My mood improved considerably…

And I felt like I had the energy I’d had ten years ago.

Before I’d even finished the first bottle, any doubt I’d had about the ‘VitaCell 7’ was long gone.

I felt like a new woman.

And within weeks, my garden was beginning to return…

I’d started walking my dog every day…

Woman walking dog

And I felt like I could finally be myself again.

My friends couldn’t believe it when I told them I wanted to go out.

They all told me they were shocked at how alive I seemed.

I was so happy I felt like I might be glowing.

But here’s the best part…

I’m not lucky, or just a ‘special case’…

Men and women all over the country have already experienced the same incredible results as I have.

Happy older woman Happy older woman

The ‘VitaCell 7’ restore the balance in your brain and body…

They ‘reset’ your inflammatory response, with no side effects.

Plus, Dr. Sisskind has made sure that it is available for anyone to use.

And that it works for everyone too!

That’s because the VitaCell 7 are backed by rigorous scientific evidence.

Dr. Sisskind has allowed me to share some of the details with you.

For instance, there are 8 studies confirming the incredible pain-reducing power of just ONE of the ‘VitaCell 7’[7]

Even better, these studies showed that participants were able to reduce their medication.

No side effects symbol

Saving them money…

Hours at the doctor’s office…

And removing the risk of dangerous side effects.

No side effects symbol

Now, you may be thinking this sounds too good to be true.

But it really is that effective.

You can feel the difference deep in your bones.

Thousands of men and women just like you have said ‘goodbye’ to years of crushing, debilitating pain…

Happy mature couple

Without dangerous prescription pills…

Routine injections…

Or any risky surgeries…

These people are finally living the lives they were meant to lead.

Happy mature couple

And you can too!

That’s because anyone can use the VitaCell 7 to ‘reset’ their brain and body’s immune functions… and return to a life free of pain.

Nearly everyone who Dr. Sisskind has given the VitaCell 7 to has had amazing results…

Yet they were the only people who knew about it.

Dr. Sisskind wanted to make sure his formula was perfect before allowing public access to it.

And now… after my success and the success of so many others…

He’s finally ready to offer the VitaCell 7 outside of a clinical practice.

Which is why right now you can get your hands on this amazing formula at a price ANYONE can afford.

So if you’ll allow me to, I’d like to tell you more about it.

Introducing the only flavonoid formula containing Dr. Sisskind’s ‘VitaCell 7’…


3 bottles of Vitacell+

VitaCell+ is a clinical-grade, all-natural supplement, designed to promote a natural, healthy inflammatory response in the face of the unavoidable, everyday toxins we face.

With VitaCell+, your whole life can turn around as you experience relief from an unhealthy inflammatory response… plus the crippling discomfort it causes…

And regain your mobility, energy and clarity.

Everything that has been stolen from you — what so many doctors say are just a “normal part of aging” — can be restored.

Because I’ve got news for you. They’re common. But they’re not normal.

And with VitaCell+, you don’t have to live like everyone who wakes up in the morning with terrible discomfort in their backs and joints…

Who slog through their day hoping to have just enough energy to make it until TV time at night.

You’ll be active, energized, and in charge of your life, because…

The Formulation Combines SEVEN Of Nature’s Most Powerful Flavonoids…

All contained in one little capsule.

As the natural order of your immune response is restored, the effects will become more and more pronounced.

It can take as little as seven to fourteen days to feel the full effects…

Yet, many users report feeling more comfortable, more energized, and an overall sense of well-being within hours of taking the first dose.

Here’s what just a few of Dr. Sisskind’s patients had to say about VitaCell+…

No longer had soreness in my hips and thumbs!

“Some days it is difficult walking very far without soreness and at night I cannot sleep more than four hours without waking up in a lot of discomfort. I started taking Vitacell+ in May and wasn’t sure I was feeling any benefits.

In June a week before vacation, I ran out and forgot to order until the day before we left. This means I went two weeks without Vitacell+. By the end of week two, I could feel a difference. I started getting aching and having discomfort.

After I started the Vitacell+ again and within two days I no longer had soreness in my hips or thumbs. I can’t believe the difference in how I feel and quality of life. Oh, and my husband is happy to NOT hear me moaning all the time.”


No need for my afternoon nap now

“After using VitaCell+ for several months, I stopped taking it. Then my knee started hurting more and my energy level was less.

I started taking it again and I feel no need for my afternoon nap now. There’s no jitters – just a subtle, normal energy level without needing an afternoon ‘boost’.”

Judy E.

I really believe it’s helping!

“I was skeptical, but the Dr.’s articles were good. I’ve had chronic inflammation and pain, foggy brain for years. I am a retired RN. So I decided to give VitaCell+ a try.

I’m at the end of my second bottle. I used to take painkillers in high doses around the clock. Now I’ve not had to take anything for pain! I’m ordering more today! I really believe it’s helping!”

Connie Y.

Until recently, you’d have had to visit Dr. Sisskind’s clinic to get the kind of results you’re seeing here.

But now, that’s no longer necessary.

Though before I tell you how to begin your own Vitacell+ regimen, please let me tell you a little more about what’s inside…

The first medical-grade flavonoid in Vitacell+ is…

The Only Form of Curcumin Discovered That Can Actually Penetrate Into Your Cells Where It’s Needed


You may remember how Dr. Sisskind discovered a very powerful type of curcumin…

A form 95 times more bioavailable than what you see on the shelf at your grocery store.[8]

That compound is Longvida Optimized Curcumin.


What’s so great about this curcumin is that it’s incredibly powerful at promoting a healthy inflammatory response…

And it works by restoring your brain’s ability to tell your body to turn the inflammatory ‘switch’ off.

What’s more – a recent meta-analysis of Curcumin’s effects led top researchers to proclaim…

“systemic administrations of curcumin had a regenerative effect on herniated discs, as seen by newly formed collagen and proteoglycan extracellular matrix proteins”[9]

Which means — not only does Longvida Optimized Curcumin balance and ‘reset’ the immune system…

It actually helps to fix the destruction caused by decades of toxin exposure.

It’s been the subject of over 17 published studies, including a recent clinical trial at the University of Colorado…

There they determined that Longvida Optimized Curcumin is 36% more effective at promoting a healthy inflammatory response than a placebo.[10]

When it comes to reducing joint discomfort, boosting mobility, mood and vitality there is simply no comparison.

That’s why Longvida Optimized Curcumin is the cornerstone of the formula.

The second of these powerful flavonoids in Vitacell+ is…

An Ancient, Highly-Effective Superfood Used To Take Control of Your Inflammatory Response…

Cocoa was revered as a superfood by the Mayans.

Cocoa beans

But even they didn’t know just how powerful it is.

Out of the top 1,000 flavonoid-rich foods – cocoa contains the highest amount of flavonoids per milligram.[11]

The specific flavonoids found in cocoa, which are different than those found in curcumin, work by limiting production of the most dangerous proteins in your body – Interleukin 1-Beta.[12]

Cocoa beans

The research on cocoa is definitive, for both immediate feelings, and long-term benefits.

The first time Dr. Sisskind recommended pure cocoa extract to his patients, they were astonished by how quickly they felt better…

Which is how he knew it was balancing the overactive immune response.

The third medical-grade flavonoid source is…

A Unique Powerhouse Flavonoid That Only Exists in One Place…

Cherry tart

Tart Cherry Extract is a flavonoid unlike any other…

And CherryPure® is the very best tart cherry extract available.

You see, Tart Cherries contain a specific type of flavonoid not found in any other food source.

Why does that matter?

Because this flavonoid is now believed to control a unique immune pathway…

One that other flavonoids don’t affect.

And it’s this flavonoid researchers believe to be responsible for many of the positive effects of Tart Cherry extract…

Cherry tart

This includes decreased abdominal fat…[13]

Better sleep quality[14]

Improved cardiovascular health…[15]

And supremely enhanced mobility.[16]

In a double-blind study of half-marathon runners, researchers concluded that inflammation was 47% lower in The CherryPure Test Group than in the placebo group.[17]

Another double-blind study on powerlifting athletes found that CherryPure significantly reduced soreness up to 48 hours after a heavy lifting session.

And not just that, but these athletes had greater post-lift strength, and decreased muscle breakdown.[18]

If the flavonoids in CherryPure can deliver these kinds of benefits to high-performance athletes, just think of what they can do for you!

Are You Beginning To See Just How Powerful These Natural “Miracle Molecules” Can Be?

So far I’ve revealed to you just three of the flavonoid-rich compounds found in VitaCell+.

And if VitaCell+ only contained those three ingredients, it would be the most effective natural formula available for balancing the immune system…

And providing comfort, mobility and energy in the face of daily environmental toxins.

But Dr. Sisskind’s goal when developing this formulation wasn’t to come up with the best solution “out there.”

It was to come up with the best solution possible.

To bring together every flavonoid that would bring balance to the torrent of immune over-activity in your body.

And to do that, he needed to call on four additional potent, clinical-grade flavonoids.

The first is…

Boswellia Seratta

Boswellia Serrata

Now, in the world of eastern medicine, Boswellia Serrata is nothing new.

Boswellia Tree extract has been a staple of Indian Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years.

They’ve used it to improve mobility, energy and flexibility, and also to also maintain healthy bowel function.[19]

Boswellia Serrata

But in the West?

It wasn’t until very recently that we came to understand just how powerful this ancient tree resin extract really is.

In addition to containing high levels of flavonoids, boswellia also contains a unique natural compound called boswellic acid.

Boswellic acid has been shown to prevent overproduction of inflammatory cytokines through pathways other flavonoids can’t regulate.[20]

Dr. Sisskind’s goal when formulating VitaCell+ was to give the immune system exactly what it needs to deal with the deluge of toxins in our food, air and water supply.

And by adding Boswellia, I’m happy to say he’s done just that.

Besides all of its potent energy boosting, immune-balancing effects…

Boswellia has been proven to protect the neurons in your brain as you age…

To reduce unnatural anxiety, and to promote feelings of calmness and well-being.[21]

The bottom line on Boswellia is this:

It’s one of the most versatile flavonoids on earth.

And it’s no wonder our friends in the east have been using it for thousands of years.

But that’s not all he included

You may have heard of…



It’s a key compound in red wine extract.

For years, researchers were confused by what they called “The French Paradox”.

How could the French eat fatty foods, smoke and drink almost every day, and maintain better health and have lower risk of heart disease than us “health-conscious” Americans?

The answer – it turned out – was in the red wine they drink.

Red wine contains a potent “miracle molecule” called Resveratrol.


Dr. Sisskind included flavonoid-rich Resveratrol in the formulation for several reasons.

You see, in addition to regulating proper immune function…

Resveratrol has also been proven to decrease the harmful effects of a high-calorie, high-fat diet, while maintaining healthy blood sugar levels.[22]

This means two things.

First, you won’t experience “see-saws” of energy…

Those excessive highs and sluggish lows.

Instead, with more stable blood sugar, you’ll have a fresh supply of natural energy throughout the day, which also translates into a better mood, and fewer cravings.

And second, with Resveratrol’s help, you’ll be metabolizing carbs and sugars more effectively, converting them into energy, instead of stored fat.

Dr. Sisskind said he believes this is one of the reasons that patients reported an improved metabolism, and better weight control.

But one issue with Resveratrol – is that like regular Curcumin – it’s not as “bioavailable” as you would hope.

That is…unless you combine it with this next flavonoid:


Quercetin is a powerful immune regulator in its own right.

Quercetin molecule

A study at the Department of Pathology and Diagnostics at the University of Verona suggests that the flavonoids in Quercetin are shockingly effective at maintaining healthy inflammation levels.[23]

But when Dr. Sisskind was formulating VitaCell+, he was truly blown away when he learned how powerful it is when combined with Resveratrol.

Quercetin molecule

Not only have studies found Quercetin to increase the bioavailability of Resveratrol…

…but it turns out that – when consumed together – these two flavonoids often lead to a significant decrease in fat deposits.[24]

When you combine Quercetin and Resveratrol, you’ve got a potent weight control one-two punch, that supports proper immune function…

Boosts energy…

Restores clarity…

And enhances mobility.

And last, but not least…

Green Tea Extract

Now, I’m sure you’ve heard that green tea is healthy.

Green tea powder

It’s the very best source of a little ‘miracle molecule’…

A special type of flavonoid called “catechins.”

Study after study has revealed the wide-ranging benefits of catechins…

From detoxification…

To targeted immune response management…

To the release of profound natural energy stores.

And just as exciting, multiple studies have shown that the active ingredient in green tea – EGCG – is one of the most powerful natural fat burners on the planet.[25]

Green tea powder

You only need to look to Japan, and it’s thin, long-lived population, to see just how powerful green tea extract can be when taken daily.

So in all, VitaCell+ packs medical-grade extracts of seven incredibly powerful flavonoids, into an easy-to-take capsule that instantly goes to work…

The very first time you wash it down with a glass of cold water…

…for far less than you’d spend buying each of them alone.

With the VitaCell+ Breakthrough… And The Seven ‘Miracle Compounds’ It Contains… You’ve Seen How I Was Finally Set Free From Intense, Chronic Joint Pain

Mature woman exercising and 2 bottles of Vitacell=

Now you’ve seen how I ‘reset’ my immune system, undid years of toxic damage, and restored my health and vitality…

All without dangerous prescription pills… constant injections… or risky surgeries.

And you’ve seen the proven science behind every ingredient inside the VitaCell+ formula.

Mature woman exercising and 2 bottles of Vitacell=

So let me ask you a question…

How will you feel a month from now?

I want to be as truthful with you as possible, so I need to tell you…

It would devastate me to see you miss out on this opportunity.

As I sat in that wheelchair at the airport… I never thought I would enjoy happiness and comfort again for the rest of my life.

And looking back, I don’t know how I would have survived if I hadn’t discovered the VitaCell 7.

I might be bitter and miserable, stuck in a life I hated… and never seeing any way out.

But I’m living proof it doesn’t have to be that way.

That there is a better, easier way, and it’s so much closer than you think.

I Imagine You’d Give Just About Anything To Feel Young, Vibrant, and Free Again, Wouldn’t You?

Especially when you consider all the health problems that can come from letting a broken immune system run wild.

Endless, stabbing pain… low energy… brain fog… extra body fat… just feeling old and broken.

If you’re like most of Dr. Sisskind’s patients…

Then you’re probably scared that you’re going to feel this way for the rest of your life… or worse.

Not only could you be putting your future health at risk by continuing down this path…

But the health problems that can come from continued neglect of this problem can also mean paying $5,000 a year or more for medications with tons of side-effects.

Paying thousands of dollars more in health insurance…

And wasting more and more time at the doctor’s every year…

Which means less time for your family, going outdoors, or time for any of the things you enjoy.

That’s Why I Truly Believe Everyone Can Benefit From VitaCell+…

Worked for me after only ONE DAY!

After reading what your product could potentially do for me, I gave it a try. If it didn’t work, it wouldn’t be the first time I lost some money on a long shot. I was prepared to give it a few weeks as suggested, to make sure it didn’t work for me but I was unprepared to learn that the supplements worked for me after only ONE DAY!

The burning sensation that I experienced EVERY DAY for the last few years was dramatically reduced after 1 day. I continue to take the 2 capsules every morning before breakfast…. ” I wouldn’t go without it.“ Next week, I will be traveling overseas and my Vitalifi will be the first thing I pack. I don’t know how it works, but I thank my lucky stars I took a chance and ordered Vitalifi Everyday, I feel like I’m reaping the benefits of a healthier me.Thank you!

Carol Girardi

More energy throughout our days!

I personally have had the privilege of experiencing the physical effects of wellbeing, more energy throughout my days has increased greatly and as far as my husband is concerned since he’s also been taking the Vitacell+ products have been experiencing notable changes in the way that it physically affects him also. We’re grateful that we have had the privilege of using this product and the difference that it has made in our lives. Thank you very much!!!

Marilyn Palmer

Big decrease in my pain levels…

I’m 60 yrs. Old, a nurse, and on my feet all day long. I had so many aches and pains I just learned to live with them. After about a week on Vitacell and to my surprise, I noticed a big decrease in my pain levels. Will continue to take vitacell.

Janine Kreamer

My primary anti-inflammatory supplement

Even after TKR on both knees, I still suffered debilitating pain. After trying many supplements and topicals, I tried VitaCell+. I noticed something within a few days, and enough after one month to commit it as my primary anti inflammatory supplement. I have been using it for several years now, and have recommended to countless friends suffering from inflammatory pain.

Rebecca Lane

Right now, I’ll bet you’re probably wondering how you can get your VitaCell+ as fast as possible…

3 bottles of Vitacell+

And also how often you’ll want to take it…

The truth is there are limited supplies of VitaCell+ available.

And that’s not some ‘marketing trick’ or anything, it’s actually necessary.

Each batch of VitaCell+ is made with only the highest-quality ingredients…

That way we can make sure we’re only giving you the best nutrients possible to ‘reset’ your broken immune system, and help your body repair and restore itself.

But if you don’t believe in yourself enough to get a solution this simple and proven today…

Older woman running on the beach and Vitacell+ bottle

I don’t know that it can ever be different for you.

Even one year from now… you could still be stuck with the same miserable pain and sluggish energy that makes even getting out of bed a chore.

And that’s if it doesn’t get any worse.

It breaks my heart to think that you might choose that for yourself…

That you would never get to see just how amazing life can be when you take control with the powerful 7 flavonoids Dr. Sisskind has discovered…

And finally experience the incredible benefits they can provide.

Older woman running on the beach and Vitacell+ bottle

God knows I hope you don’t have to have a dark, pivotal moment like I had.

Because it doesn’t have to be that way.

Not when you can reclaim your life… and take back all of the things that your constant pain has stolen from you.

Because VitaCell+ is simply that powerful.

But Dr. Sisskind can’t keep this offer open forever… or even for very long.

He’s only produced 200 bottles this round… and as I write this, there are only 143 left to be sent out.

3 bottles of Vitacell+

Dr. Sisskind is committed to only producing the highest-quality flavonoids for your health.

But his suppliers have begun to ‘catch on’ to the popularity of his VitaCell+ formula.

And they’re raising their prices accordingly.

Which means every batch of VitaCell+ becomes more and more expensive to produce…

And that every batch might be the last.

So I urge you please to take advantage of this while you still can.

Men and women all across the country have already had their lives radically changed by this simple, powerful formula.

And though I want more people to discover its power for themselves…

I also can’t stop the ones who have already found it from coming back for more.

That means the demand for VitaCell+ might quickly exceed the supply.

Which could mean you have to wait for the next batch to be produced.

That would mean another few weeks, possibly months, that you’re stuck suffering the same chronic, debilitating pain…

The same fatigue, the same sluggish energy, the same saggy, bloated belly and body.

But if you’re one of the next 143 people to buy the VitaCell+ formula, your bottle will be locked-in.

(By the way, I know how annoying it can be to order something online, only to be charged every month automatically. So I’ve made sure you won’t be charged again unless you make another order.)

Though you need to be quick … because this batch could be gone at any moment.

That means you should go ahead and stock up on a 6, 3, or 1 month supply of VitaCell+ today…

Assuming you don’t see “Out Of Stock” anywhere on this page.

And The Great News Is That The More VitaCell+ You Decide To Invest In Right Now… The More You Save.

You see, while VitaCell+ has a suggested retail price of $99.95…

Which is an absolute steal on its own…

And considering the enormous price of the individual ingredients… if you could even find them.

Dr. Sisskind wants to make sure you’re able to access his incredible formula.

That’s why, on this page only…

You’ll be able to order a full six-month supply for just $44 per bottle.

You’re guaranteed to see a difference — more energy, better sleep, pounds melting away, and reduction in your chronic pain — within just one week

The experts at Vitalifi will get your order of VitaCell+ in the mail as soon as you reserve your bottle.

It usually takes just 3-5 business days to arrive.

When the delivery man knocks on your door, I’m sure you’ll want to tear open the package and try it for yourself right away.

So go ahead.

Just take one of the pills, grab a glass of water, and gulp down the tasteless, easy-to-swallow wonder formula.

Then do it again every morning.

You’ll notice new changes every single day.

Subtle at first, but building-up faster and faster.

You’ll feel more relaxed than ever.

You’ll have restful sleep like you haven’t had in years.

You’ll feel as energetic as a teenager again.

And the pain that has followed you and taken over your experience — even for years — will begin to vanish.

And once you’ve experienced it for yourself… you will never want to go back.

But, if you’re not 100% satisfied…

If you haven’t been able to return to the things and people you love…

And if you don’t feel that incredible new energy…

Then Dr. Sisskind has promised to offer you a full, prompt refund at any point within TWO WHOLE MONTHS of using the VitaCell+ formula.

No hassle. No questions asked.

You don’t pay a penny unless you’re totally convinced it’s worth it.

Sound good?

Then place your order of VitaCell+ by clicking the button below.

You’ll be taken to an order page to review your order.

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You risk nothing by trying VitaCell+ today,​​ but you have everything to gain!

Obviously, I’m certain you’re going to see life-changing results in 30 days.

And I’m living proof of it!

But the best results come when it becomes a daily habit… that’s when your results go from good to UNBELIEVABLE.

See, after 3 months, you’ll have forgotten you ever felt the pain and fatigue you feel now.

Friends will be shocked to see you moving so freely — with so much energy!

Your friends, family and colleagues will BEG you to share your bottle of VitaCell+ with them.

And after 6 months, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it!

Plain and simple, the more you use VitaCell+, the more results you’re going to see.

So, I’ve worked with Dr. Sisskind to make it as easy as possible to get the full, incredible power of VitaCell+.

And when you order today, you have the choice of a 1-month, 3-month or 6-month supply.

Of course, you’re welcome to choose any option.

But I’ve persuaded him to give you a bigger discount simply by securing your 6-month supply today — because I know how powerful VitaCell+ can be when it becomes a habit for you.

And I want you to experience the BEST results possible — just like so many of the people whose stories I’ve been blessed to be a part of.

You’re NOT going to be enrolled in an automatic billing subscription.

Money back guarantee ribbon

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So at any time in the next 2 MONTHS, you’ll still be able to get a refund if you’re not absolutely in love with the results.

So click the “ORDER NOW” button below to be taken to a secure checkout page.

Get your life back today — right now!

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I can’t wait to hear where your new story takes you and the wonderful life you’ll create for yourself.


Lisa Calhoun & Dr. Sisskind

P.S. Before I showed this to you and the thousands of men and women like you, I shared it with a few friends and family.

Some of them asked important questions I’ve answered below:

It’s the breakthrough flavonoid compounds uncovered by Dr. Sisskind that he turned into a highly-effective pain-relief and energy solution.

In short, the ‘everyday toxins’ that invade your system have removed your brain’s ability to regulate immune response. This leads to unchecked inflammation which destroys cartilage and muscle tissue, decreases energy, and creates chronic debilitating pain in many people.

Dr. Sisskind used cutting-edge science to discover how you could ‘reset’ your immune system using natural, organic nutrients. That way you can increase your energy and be free of the intense pain of an unregulated immune response.

Everyone’s body is different so results will vary. But I can tell you that for a lot of people, they notice less pain and more energy within a few hours. Within seven to fourteen days many of the symptoms of their ‘broken’ immune system began to vanish entirely.

And what’s even better is that the longer they use VitaCell+, the better they say it gets.

VitaCell+ contains ingredients scientifically-proven to work on anyone. Whether you’re 30 or 70. No matter your weight or your background.

I understand you might be skeptical. The results I’ve shown you today are incredible. But I really believe that VitaCell+ will work for YOU!

Yet, I understand you’ll only be convinced once you’ve tried it and seen the difference for yourself. So, I want you to feel totally comfortable that you’re not risking a penny when you order today.

Dr. Sissking agreed to offer a full 60 DAY money-back-guarantee.

It’s simple: you can try VitaCell+ out for two whole months.

If you’re not thrilled, simply drop an email to the address provided with your order and our payment processor, ClickBank, will refund every penny of the purchase price (less S&H).

It’s easy! Just click the “ORDER NOW” button below.

You’ll be taken to the secure order page. It takes just two minutes to complete.

Once you’re finished, your bottle will be put in the mail as soon as possible. You’ll have it in your hands within 3-5 days.

And remember you WON’T be enrolled in any kind of auto-billing subscription. The only time you’ll pay again is when you place an order yourself.

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